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Hand reading by Felicity

"To have your hands read by Felicity is to be gently held, seen and understood at a deeply profound level.

You will be moved. And you will be inspired to change your life." Christopher, 2020

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What can your hands reveal? 

Your hands are a map of your consciousness. They reveal how you think and experience the world, your emotional patterns, your creative talents and your state of health. They show how your inheritance and your childhood combined together to create the person you are today. A hand reading with Felicity can help you explore yourself at the deepest of levels and help you understand your health and well-being in a holistic and integrative way. Even if you think you know yourself and have worked hard to develop understanding of issues in your past and present, a hand reading will give you a new and enlightening language to express your particular experience of life and help you to develop a path to negotiate the future. 

A hand reading with Felicity will tell you about:

Your physical world, your well-being and patterns of health and disease.

Your emotional world, how you relate to others and the quality of your relationships.

Your creative and vocational world, your natural aptitudes, potential skills and suitable career directions.

Your mental world, how you relate to ideas and abstract concepts, how you communicate and the patterns of your personality.

Your spiritual world, the approach you take toward spiritual matters and religion.

Your hands shows how all these levels integrate and reflect to reveal the inner struggles that life has challenged you to surmount. A reading can help you understand and take on this challenge should you choose to do so.

A hand reading is not fortune telling and I do not predict the future. I am not a psychic or clairvoyant. Hand reading is a learnt skill, not an innate talent. A hand reading can not tell you your fate or fortune, when you will die, if you will marry, how many children you will have or whether you will be famous! It will help you to see yourself in new ways and understand your unique experience of life. 

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Hand reading consultant

I have been reading hands for over 30 years and never cease to be deeply moved by the powerful insights they reveal. A reading is a tool for self exploration and spiritual development. Reading for someone is an honour and a responsibility. When you share your hands with me, there is the opportunity for you to see beyond the veil of confusion. You can explore the past, illuminate the present and gain deep and new self understanding. My goal is for you to develop an authentic language for your life experience that will enable you to go forward and heal your own hurts and repair your own foundations. If you are happy to share your life story, I can give you a new perspective to help you to live with wisdom and compassion for yourself, and shine more brightly in your life. 


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