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Learning Hand Reading with Felicity - what to expect

"I have just completed the beginners course with Felicity and would like to say that I found it an amazing journey into learning hand analysis. Felicity explains the fundamental concepts with great detail and clarity. It is an amazing art to study and gives you such a clear understanding of yourself. I definitely had some 'light-bulb' moments whilst going through the course about myself and I think this is the basis to understanding and helping others. Felicity is very patient and simplifies an art that I think baffles newbies as it encompasses so many layers of knowledge which need to be incorporated together for a comprehensive and accurate reading. Thank you so much for a worthwhile and immensely interesting course...can't wait for the Intermediate course!!!" - Alice, October 2020

What a lovely review from Alice who, along with the others on her course, is now confidently reading hands. The beginners course is certainly a journey; as well as learning to read hands, you will start to think differently about human consciousness and life in general. Reading hands is like reading a map, its not just the lines on our palms, but our fingers, our nails, our skin texture and its consistency. Our hands are the physical manifestation of all that we are, from our health and physical state right through to our spiritual or karmic purpose in this life. As you learn to map read you will see how the past shapes each individual in the present, but also how hands can change and people can transform themselves.

What do you get if you sign up?

The course takes place on Zoom. Students have 8 weekly lessons. There is a substantial handout sent in advance of each lesson so you can print it out and make notes on it in the lesson (The first image is a sample page from one of the handouts). In addition, classes are recorded so you can access them afterwards.

At the end of the course I will issue you with a set of hand prints to analyse and write up for your Diploma. This is optional of course, however, writing it entails going through your notes and applying what you have learnt during the course, which really helps to consolidate everything. I mark and return your paper and help you complete any corrections before sending you a lovely Diploma certificate for you to keep.

As well as having nearly 30 years of hand reading experience, I am also a qualified teacher with years of experience teaching every age group and a variety of subjects. You will find me to be helpful and supportive and genuinely interested in your learning and getting the most you can from my course.

What's covered in the course?

The course is made up of 8 lessons. We work from the outside in looking at the big features first (hand shape, skin texture, fingers and thumbs) and work inwards towards the details. We arrive at the lines on the palm in lesson 5. As you can see, there is lots you can learn about a person before you even get to the palm. That's why I prefer the title hand reading to palmistry - its so much more than just the palm.

The system I use and teach is based on the four elements (earth, water, fire, air), with the fifth element, space, to give an understanding of spirit or karma. Similar elemental frameworks also underpin astrology and tarot and have long been used in the East and West to explain the complexities of the universe by finding correspondence in simpler and observable forms.

We spend the first lesson getting to grips with understanding the characteristics of each element and how they might correspond to human consciousness. We look at hand shapes and skin textures and how to combine the two to understand the basic make-up of the person.

Another important subject covered in the lessons are the dermatoglyphics on the finger tips and the palm. Unlike the lines, these are fixed from before birth. As such they reveal fundamental characteristics of our thought processing and deep motivations. Two lessons are devoted to this subject.

What's not covered in the course?

Contrary to what many palmists will tell you, reading the future, assessing if someone will be famous, rich or successful, or even when they will marry or how many children they will have, is not information the hand can tell you. Success is often about who you know not what you know, and your hands can’t tell you about the status of your friends. There are no line formations that indicate fame or fortune. Marriage and children also depend upon other people and outside circumstances. So while in lesson 7, we do look at how our hands record events and consider how effects are carried forward in our lives, traditional palmistry topics are not a big part of the course.

By the end of the course you will have all the information you need to read the character and personality of a person from their hands. You may need to practice, but I can help you with that too as I offer regular on going print reading classes. If you still want to learn more, there is a set of 4 intermediate classes on offer for those who have completed the beginners course.

If this has piqued your interest check my Learn Hand Reading page to find when the next course starts and email me for more information:


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