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I offer a variety of readings to suit different needs and questions

Hand readings can be done in-person or remotely depending on where you live and our availability.

For an in-person reading, we will have an initial meeting when I will take your hand prints. The consultation will take place at a later date after I have spent several hours studying your hand prints.

Remote readings are conducted using Zoom for the consultation. The great thing about this method is that I can read your hands wherever you are in the world! After contacting me, I will send instructions on how to take the photographs I need to analyse your hands. I will need to receive them a few days in advance of your appointment so that I have time to study them closely.

Zoom consultations are recorded so you can watch again later.

You are welcome to record in person consultations on your smart phone. 

Written reports are also available on request, but are charged in addition to the consultation.


All payments are in advance via PayPal.

Please email to make a booking:

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