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White Sands

 Hand Reading Course


As well as being an insightful and compassionate hand reader, Felicity is a world class teacher... She brings her decades of experience in a totally accessible and practical way for students of all levels.     Helen 2021

Learning to read hands is a fascinating and rewarding experience. Join me on a voyage of discovery to learn about yourself and help your family and friends understand their characters and personalities.


We will study what the hand reveals about emotions and relationships, careers and creative talents and the way that people think. The course will cover everything you need for a detailed hand reading including hand shape, skin texture, fingerprint patterns, thumbs, fingers, lines and more. 

Delivered through weekly online small group sessions lasting about 2 hours, supported with emailed course material and accredited by completion of an optional written analysis, this thorough course will train you to read hands accurately and professionally.

I am a qualified and very experienced teacher dedicated to ensuring every student can maximise their learning experience. Please get in touch via email or Facebook Messenger to book a place or ask a question. 

The course consists of 10 taught sessions including 1 print reading tutorial. There are precourse tasks to complete as well as regular homework, and an optional end of course assessment leading to a diploma. For progression classes after completion please see below.

Suitable for those new to hand reading as well as people with previous experience. 

£350 including a £50 deposit to secure your place on the course. The balance of £300 is due before the 1st lesson. 

Next course starts Tuesday 7th May 2024


Print Reading Tutorials

If you have completed a beginners course and would like to practice and improve your skills, you can continue to work with me in my online classroom for a series of tutorials. Each session will explore a different set of hand prints considering how the features combine and build into the rich texture of an individual's consciousness.


While the beginners course will furnish you with all the information you need for a detailed reading, the print reading tutorials will help you grow in confidence, deepen your understanding and prepare you for a role as a professional hand reader.   

Please contact me via email or Facebook Messenger for more information.  

Clouds in Sky

Intermediate Classes


If you have studied hand reading with me or another teacher and are familiar with using the elements to analyse hand features you will benefit from learning at a deeper level at my Intermediate Classes. 

Intermediate Classes are monthly sessions focusing on one level of analysis. The series consists of:


•Relationship analysis – hand features at the water level. An in-depth look at the Major Water Line (and much more) and how people interact. 

•Vocational analysis – hand features at the fire level. Advice for job seekers! How we express ourselves creatively, and our skills and talents in the work place.

•Health analysis – hand features at the earth level. How to start on health analysis, diagnosis from the hands and helping clients to get what they need to improve well-being.

•Secondary Hand shapes, Mounts and Astrological symbolism and the hand - refining our analysis of hand shape and skin texture, and how using the planets can deepen our understanding of the hand.

Intermediate Classes are £40 per class with a maximum of 6 students per class. Please get in touch for dates and more information. 

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