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Indications of Travel in the Hand

I’ve been looking at a palmistry group on Facebook and have seen lots of inaccurate talk about signs of travel in the hand. There is only one area that travel is indicated on the hand and then it is not always clear. Lots of the lines attributed to travel on palmistry pages are utterly spurious and make no sense. If all the lines mentioned were to do with travel there would be little left for any other activity or characteristic! Anyway, and most importantly, it is hard to discern travel in the hand because the hand is a map of consciousness not a sheet of signs with particular meanings (never believe anything you read about mystic crosses, pentagons and the like – its all total rubbish).

As a map of consciousness, your hands will tell us about how you have responded to the events in your life and their impact on you. If you went travelling and it had a big impact there may be a bar, rising line or even a falling line, on your Major Earth Line (Life line). Equally, you might find the same markings if you made a big effort to change your career, or if you had a child. The impact on your consciousness would be similar – shock to the system, exhilarating or draining, depending on the marking.

A more reliable indication of a kind of travel can be found at the end of the Major Earth Line (Life line). A person who stays close to home usually has a line the curves neatly round and tucks under the base of the thumb (see photo 7).

A person who has traveled the world and set up home in foreign countries for several years at a time will be more like photo 1 with strong branches out towards the water/moon section of the hand. This shows they have moved away from their base, or earth. These two examples are quite clear, but there are many that do not fit this rule and this can only be because of their perception of the move/journey.

For example, number 8 is of an Indian villager who moved down the mountain to the town at the base. For this man it was a big move as shown by the reduplication at the age of the move and the fork at the end. It does not travel out very far, but shows a definite move away from earth even though he traveled just a few miles from home. The distance was small but the impact on his consciousness what large.

Photo 5 shows a line that wanders far from its base over towards the water/moon area. But this person never physically traveled very far. She came from a very religious family but changed her faith to a different branch of the religion. She is devout and diligent in her new religion and maybe her line shows how her consciousness perceives this as a separation from her roots.

Photo 4 shows a similar journey away from the man’s roots but this time it is intellectual. His level of education has far exceeded that of his parents and as such is a departure from his early life/parents, although he only lives 40 miles or so from his childhood home.

Photo 2 shows someone who moved across the world as a young man and has lived in his new country ever since. Now in his 70's, emigration is shown by the doubled Major Earth Line, the inner, quieter line indicating his continuing links to his original culture, the outer, stronger line showing his life now. The move itself is shown by the reduplication in his late 20s.

Consciousness is complex, subtle and shifting. The hands are a reflection of this complexity and it is important to read them with a system that allows for interpretation at a multitude of levels. You will be inaccurate and of little help to the person if you attach fixed meanings and treat markings as signs. If you have made it to the end of this post you must be interested in reading hands so why not sign up form my next beginners course starting on 7th April 2021. See my webpage for more details:

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